Lynch, Johnson & Aidem see abundant opportunity in space where Data Science & Media/Entertainment Converge

Boston, MA, September 26, 2018 -- Reverb Advisors, the Boston-based firm that provides operational guidance & fundraising advisory to data science, cybersecurity and enterprise technology companies has announced the appointment of Larry Aidem as Managing Partner. Aidem joins Reverb from Fandor, the largest independent movie streaming service in the U.S. where, since 2015, he has served as President & CEO and where he will continue to serve on the Company’s board.

Aidem has extensive global experience in the successful development and operation of entertainment networks & platforms. Prior to Fandor, he held senior positions at HBO/Time Warner, Viacom, Showtime/CBS, and spent 10 years as President & CEO of Sundance Channel LLC. Since the successful sale of Sundance to Cablevision for $500M in 2008, Aidem’s focus has been digital, specifically in the form of direct to consumer, over-the-top (OTT) content delivery. Prior to Fandor, Aidem served as Co-Founder, President & CEO of IconicTV a creator & co-owner of premium digital channels including Jay Z’s LIFE+TIMES and Skrillex/Diplo/A-Trak’s EDM Channel, POTATO, all funded by Google/YouTube. Aidem is also a member of the Supervisory Board of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, one of the largest broadcasters in Europe.

Said Reverb Partner & Co-Founder Chris Lynch: "I met Mr. Aidem while serving on the Board of RayV, a technology company that was an early entrant in OTT streaming. Later, Larry served as a strategic advisor at one of my portfolio companies, Azuki, which was subsequently acquired by Ericsson. Then & now Larry & I share a passion for helping entrepreneurs build companies in the sweet spot where Tech & Entertainment converge. Our complementary skill sets are essential to creating & building value for Reverb's portfolio companies & investors. Co-Founder & Partner Cort Johnson & I are delighted to have Larry take over the reins of Reverb Advisors while we take a leave of absence to run AtScale. Now, if we can only convince Aidem to shave his head & post it on our website, this union will be truly complete!"

Added Aidem: "Over the past 20 years I’ve run a number of traditional & digital media companies and in the process collaborated with some of the world’s leading artists including Robert Redford, Jay Z, Skrillex, Jared Leto and now...the iconic Christopher Lynch. Seriously, the opportunity presented by

Reverb -- to advise & collaborate with CEO's vs. be one -- is tremendously exciting. Big Data & Analytics are hot buzzwords in TMT but when you scratch below the surface, there are very few real and impactful use cases. Boston is ground zero for Data Science and Lynch is one of the founding fathers, having seeded and managed a number of the most successful companies in the space. Finally, notwithstanding the fact that we come at this from different perspectives, Chris and I share a quality that is essential: we are FANS. Whether it's Music, Movies or TV, we love supporting artists and storytellers in their quest to reach the largest audience possible."

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