Hack Secure's first investment, Kolide, Raises $8M to Turn Application and Device Management into a Smart Database

In 2016, Hack Secure led its first syndicate investment in Kolide. We were fortunate to work with two great leads to build a powerhouse team addressing an important piece of the cybersecurity market. After 18 months of incredibly hard work, we are excited to announce that Kolide has raised $8 million in their quest to turn application and device management into a smart database.

In addition to our fundraise, we are also excited to announce Kolide Cloud, which is a powerful SaaS platform aimed at fast-growing technology companies that will provide both the visibility and actionable insights organizations need to navigate today's increasingly complex cyber security and compliance landscape. 

As founding investors and board members, we at Reverb Advisors and Hack Secure are very proud of the Kolide team for the huge strides they've made and we look forward to watching Kolide change the way security is done in the enterprise.