Reverb Advisors is Proud to Announce that Sqrrl has been Acquired by Amazon

Sqrrl, a Cambridge, MA-based company founded in 2012, markets software leveraging big data to deliver the first best and only native cyber hunting solution. Their main product is a visual cyber threat hunting platform that combines link analysis with user behavior analytics. They combine user, entity, asset, and event data into a behavior graph which users can navigate to respond to any security incidents as well as search for undetected threats. SQRRL was founded 2012 by a team of ex NSA'ers and funded by Chris Lynch and Antonio Rodriguez of Matrix Partners.

One of the principal investors back in 2012 was Reverb’s own Chris Lynch, who has been serving on the board for the last half-decade. Lynch recruited the team to Boston, teamed with his longtime collaborator Matrix Partners and recruited many former employees from his operating days to build the management team. Lynch declined to comment on deal details, but had this to say when asked about the deal, “the acquisition of Sqrrl by Amazon, further validates Boston is the place to find real value in the big data and cyber security sectors, validates the importance of cyber hunting as a important tool in the fight against cyber threats and with the reach of Amazon ultimately makes the world a safer place.”